Therapy & Counseling, Lake Oswego

"We have more possibilities available in each moment than we realize"-Thich That Hanh



Teletherapy …..  Don’t let the fear of COVID-19, a demanding schedule, or frequent travel prevent you from getting help. The convenience of online counseling or teletherapy allows you to more easily commit and engage in therapy.

I offer a vast array of services and treatment options for both the individual and their family members.  For the individual, I offer uniquely tailored programs covering a variety of specific topics.  These programs are related to stress management, anxiety disorders, panic and fears, life’s transitional occurrences, anxiety derived directly from unexpected and/or long term health issues.  I utilize my experience to custom design a program that will best serve your needs.  I believe strongly that each individual’s situations are unique and therefore the programs that we develop together should mirror that belief.

Likewise, I feel that the family dynamic can be affected, compromised and/or altered when an individual is dealing with many of these issues. The family members can be a great source of ideas and support for the individual dealing with anxiety related issues, but the family dynamic can also be greatly effected negatively as well.  I feel that working with the family to bring about patterns of change and improvement is vitally important for long-term success to be realized.

I also believe the community and environment play an important role in the individuals life and family. I work with school and community programs to provide the needed support and education to improve the persons quality of life.