Therapy & Counseling, Lake Oswego

Together we will face your fears and allow you to live the life you desire.

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety – it’s a fact of life. Anxiety can be caused by events — such as a new job or school, economic hardships, or certain social situations – or it can be triggered by other factors. Regardless, anxiety becomes a serious problem when it gets in the way of everyday living or enjoying important relationships. Counseling can help.

It takes courage to ask for help. Finding a counselor or therapist with whom you, your child, or your family feels comfortable can be challenging.

In my counseling practice, I provide warmth, approachability, compassion, and over 10 years of experience. I specialize in treating anxiety disorders in children, adolescents and adults. It is my belief that each person has the power to change current patterns of behavior, and I strive to provide the coping skills, educational resources, and tools that you can use to transform your life or your family’s way of being together.

Learn more about my individual, family, or intensive counseling services by calling (971) 252-1545 or use the safe and secure contact form for a complimentary phone consultation.