Welcome to Countryside Living

A Nice Place To Call Home

Our vision from the beginning has been for CSL to act as a small community that is uniquely equipped to meet the needs of our elderly residents, enriching their lives by providing a warm family atmosphere, caring support, and providing interesting and engaging activities appropriate to their lifestyle.

Our residents benefit from a caring support staff that know them as individuals, and are able to understand and communicate positively with each person. All of our highly-trained staff and volunteers are passionate about what they do – providing the absolute highest level of care and comfort for our residents.


Connecting generations while filling the gap in care, strengthening children and those facing memory loss, offering nurturing support, enrichment, education and engagement.


To improve quality of life for those afflicted with memory loss while developing empathy in children and bridging the gap between the generations.

  • Home-like feel with a family atmosphere
  • Loving, comfortable and relaxed environment
  • Specialized care for those with memory loss, including Alzheimer's disease
  • Offering the support, respect, companionship, and the level of attention your loved one deserves.

A nonprofit adult day respite center serving individuals and their families living with memory loss.

Two Locations to Serve You and Your Family!

Our Company Story

As a young boy growing up outside of Hubbard, Oregon, I used to pick berries, sell lemonade and mow laws to earn pocket money. One of my regular weekly mowing jobs was for Mrs. Quinby, a longtime friend and neighbor of my parents. She had known me since I was brought home from the hospital as an infant and was always so appreciative of my work.

One day in early fall, this sweet, fragile woman suffered a massive stroke while out in her yard and was not discovered for several hours. As a result, she was taken to a nursing home and never returned home.

At Mrs. Quinby’s nursing home, care aides were always frantic, running up and down the halls, never having much time for understanding or sincere interest in these wonderful people. They were under staffed! Many residents were left to just holler or lie in bed all day. There was little interest in quality of care. Because I was an eight or nine year old at the time, I found this to be very frightening. Although I was only a young boy at the time, I knew that if I ever had an opportunity to do so, I would build a good home for the elderly.

While the process of opening Country Side Living was a challenge, my efforts have been returned tenfold through the process of helping people live for the moment. The reward of just a few of our past residents will never be forgotten.

Grace, Palmer, Nita. Their families.
People who gave me back the appreciation of my vision and the beauty around us and who have showed me more love than I have experienced.

Sharing in someone’s life at this time is a gift. It is the motivation for my drive to continually improve understanding and communication and create meaningful activities. My quest will never end.

Country Side Living is not just a job or a business. From love, patience and laughter to grief, peace, belief and more it is the embodiment of all that is life.

Visit our beautiful facility for a tour and free lunch on us. Phone: 503-266-3031

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Intergenerational Family Support

Something magical happens when the young and old spend time together…a bond forms that rises above differences in age and ability.

For a person who suffers from memory loss or other dementia conditions, this can be life changing.

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